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Why LovBe?

LovBe’s brilliant lab grown diamonds are nurtured to maturity in world-class laboratories. Lab grown diamonds have the same optics and chemical composition as mined diamonds and that’s why sophisticated equipment is needed to distinguish between the two diamonds. LovBe lab grown diamonds are the purest form of diamonds known to mankind.

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The LovBe Advantage

Stunning Lab Grown Diamonds

• Purest, rarest quality diamond
• Unmatched quality, cut and beauty at an exceptional value
• Certified by a 3rd-party grading lab
• Grown in world-class laboratories

Exceptional Value

• Unbeatable, conscious value
• Maximize your investment
• No compromises on beauty or carat size
• Free shipping, 60-day returns

360 Degree HD Views

 Live View in 40x magnification

Examine every diamond in our inventory

• See to believe the perfection

Experience diamonds in high-definition


• Earth’s resources are preserved

• Natural habitats are protected

 No reckless land displacement