Established in 2019, the LovBe Inc. Lab Grown Diamonds company brings more than five decades of diamond expertise to offer our clients the highest quality and most beautiful Lab Grown Diamonds available in the world, along with the best pricing anywhere. In fact, only 1 in 5 Lab Grown Diamonds are determined to be of LovBe’s quality and standards.

We are committed to always remaining competitive with other major Lab Grown Diamond brands so that you can feel absolutely confident about your purchase. And LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds are graded and certified by the most reputable diamond grading laboratories in the industry.

Using LovBe Ring Creator, you can bring your perfect engagement ring to life. Choosing from our large assortment of the finest lab grown diamonds and settings, you will find exactly what you want to represent all your special moments together to come. Choosing from our carefully curated assortment of over 20,000 of the finest Lab Grown Diamonds and hundreds of settings, you will find exactly what you want to represent all your special moments together to come.

Our New York-based team of talented jewelry industry professionals is at your service, acting as your personal jewelry concierge should you need us.

Truly Custom Design...

If you decide to Custom Design the ring of her dreams, our team will help you carefully plan and create it every step of the way. From choosing the perfect center stone to the intricate details of the setting and bands, our experienced team of engagement ring professionals will ensure that your design comes to life perfectly. We have thoughtfully and lovingly created hundreds of LovBe Custom Designed Rings since 2019.

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At LovBe, we believe your engagement ring is a symbol of every moment of your enduring love and commitment, and that all your diamond jewelry tells the story of your beautiful life moments and celebrations. Because of this, we are honored to be your trustworthy resource, and be at your service; always providing you with the greatest diamond jewelry shopping experience.