Our decades in the diamond industry allow us to offer you the highest quality, and most beautiful lab grown diamonds at the guaranteed best price.

At LovBe, we believe in making online diamond buying simple and satisfying, and that is why we work relentlessly so that you would find the best and most competitive pricing on lovbe.com, always.

Our New York-based team of diamond experts is as committed to you being happy and satisfied with your purchase, as you are committed to finding your loved one the highest quality and most beautiful diamond at the best price.

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Reach out to our diamond concierge for our LovBe Best Pricing Promise.
You can call us at 1 855 899 4000 or email cs@lovbe.com.

These important characteristics are considered as part of our promise: the identical color, clarity, carat weight, shape, and symmetry. Table and depth percentage will be compared and considered a match within +/- 0.5% measurements.

Please have the website link and the certificate number available so that our diamond expert can compare the information with our inventory.

The Best Pricing Promise Details

  • Our Best Pricing Promise is valid at the time of purchase only.
  • Lab grown diamonds from discount houses and 3rd party sources are excluded.
  • The LovBe Best Pricing Promise applies exclusively to our loose lab grown diamond inventory listed at lovbe.com and excludes any finished fine jewelry items.
  • We require a copy of the lab grown certificate and the live listing of the competitor’s lab grown diamond to be eligible to offer you our LovBe Best Pricing Promise.
  • The lab grown diamond you wish to be considered must be a full-priced lab grown diamond, listed in stock, and available for sale at a direct-to-consumer website within the US & Canada.
  • Expired promotional offers are not eligible.
  • LovBe Inc reserves the right to deny any requests for the Best Pricing Promise and reserves the right to terminate or modify the Best Pricing Promise at any time.