5 Ways To Style A Brilliant Round Diamond

The most popular cut of a diamond by far, the brilliant round lab grown diamond accounts for 75% of all diamonds sold. For over 100 years, diamond cutters have been perfecting the process of cutting round diamonds. With its 58 facets, a round diamond maximizes brilliance and takes sparkle to the next level. Want something classic? Modern? Different? This chameleon easily changes its look based on the setting in which it sits, making it an ideal choice for a center stone. Don’t believe us? Read on for five different engagement ring styles which beautifully suit a Round Brilliant diamond.


As timeless and classic as they come, a solitaire puts the brilliant round front and center. Elevating the diamond, a solitaire showcases the stone in the spotlight, as the focus of a solitaire ring will always be the center stone. Generally featuring four or six prongs, the solitaire allows a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond, accentuating its fire and brilliance. Choose a slim band to enhance the size of the diamond, a wider band for more of a statement look, or consider a pavé band for an added touch of sparkle.



The evolution of the solitaire is the addition of side stones, which increases both the sparkle and allure of an engagement ring. As many different diamond cuts pair well with the Round Brilliant, selecting side stones that compliment your center stone is an opportunity to customize your design and reflect your own style and personality. The size ratio of side stones to the center stone will change the focus of the ring, from beautiful accent pieces to what is commonly referred to as a three-stone ring.



The magic of this modern ring setting lies in the omission of prongs; the Round Brilliant is held securely by a bezel that envelopes the lab grown diamond. The overall look is one that is sleek, architectural, and arresting, and is sure to be noticed when worn. An optimal choice for someone with an active lifestyle, as the metal surrounding the stone, provides maximum protection. Tension Set rings are available in both a full and partial bezel and are a brilliant high polish look or with diamonds glittering along with the band.



In a word? Romantic. Our Vintage engagement rings exude charm, driven by intricate details such as engraving, milgrain, and pavé diamonds nestled within the settings. As Round Brilliants were one of the earliest diamond shapes to be available for sale, they fit flawlessly within a setting with vintage vibes.



These double diamond delights feature a secret only the wearer will be wise to: beyond the magnificent diamond bezel surrounding the center stone, there is a hidden ‘halo’ of pave diamonds just below the Round Brilliant on the ring’s setting. While not visibly viewed from the initial glance, upon a closer look, this surprise diamond setting shines from within and elevates this extraordinary setting to another level. The hidden halo rests atop a sleek pave band, completing this sparkle-covered look. For those looking to sparkle inside and out, you’ve found your ring.


Choosing a Round Brilliant for the center stone of your engagement ring truly allows for the ability to build your dream engagement ring. We recommend trying out our Ring Creator to bring your vision to life!


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