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Meet LovBe’s Newest Engagement Rings

For the style-focused, more minimalist bride, LovBe is debuting two new engagement ring collections that are sure to tick a lot of boxes. Created by LovBe’s in-house design team, these rings are modern, feminine and anything but ordinary. Made with high attention to detail and fulfilling LovBe’s Promise for the highest quality lab grown diamond for unparalleled value, these new engagement rings are destined to quickly become customer favorites and amongst our most popular designs! The petite collection rings’ distinguishing feature is a slimmed down band encrusted with magnificent pave diamonds. Perfect for stacking with a bevy of bands, these rings are available in an array of center stones, including Round Brilliant, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, Princess cut and oval. Couples can choose from a selection of metals for the setting as well, from yellow and rose golds to platinum. Fine details, such as claw prongs, ensure these timeless designs are destined to be future heirlooms.

Here are a few of the newly debuted designs:

LovBe’s Gloriole Cushion Petite Engagement Ring

LovBe's Gloriole Emerald Petite Engagement Ring

LovBe’s Gloriole Princess Petite Engagement Ring

A unique feature of the Petite Rings that will most likely stay a secret to all those except the bride is a halo of diamonds that sits just below the center stone. Truly providing sparkle from every angle, this touch of diamonds elevates the design of the ring to another level. 

The latest addition to LovBe’s collection of engagement rings is the Tension Set, also known as a half bezel setting. The magic of this ring setting lies in the omission of prongs; the center stone is held securely by a bezel that envelopes the lab grown diamond. The overall look is one that is sleek, architectural, and arresting, and is sure to be noticed when worn. An optimal choice for a low-maintenance bride, as there are no prongs to worry about having checked on a regular basis. The Tension Set collection can accommodate a wide range of center stone shapes, including Emerald, Cushion, and Round Brilliant cuts, ensuring the ability to find your perfect ring. Tension Set rings are available in a brilliant high polish look or with diamonds glittering along with the band. Couples can select from yellow, white, and rose golds or precious platinum for their setting.

LovBe’s Half Bezel Set Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


LovBe’s Tension Set Solitaire Engagement Ring


LovBe’s Bypass Solitaire Engagement Ring

As with all LovBe engagement rings, our Diamond Concierge is always on hand to assist with finding the ring of your dreams. From finding a carat size to suit your budget to selecting your preferred metal type, they are there to help with every step of your engagement ring journey. LovBe’s custom design process is always an option to create an engagement ring as unique as your love story and is easier and more budget-friendly than you may think! Speak with LovBe’s Diamond Concierge today and let LovBe your guide to finding the perfect engagement ring.

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