Guide to a Groom’s Responsibilities

GETTING a ‘yes’ from your bride-to-be is a huge relief. But planning the proposal and finding the perfect engagement ring is only the beginning. A groom has a ton of responsibilities ahead.

We’ve got the ultimate guide, so you don’t miss a trick:

Before The Wedding

During the planning stages it’s best if you can do it as a team effort. But there are certain tasks that traditionally fall to the groom.

  • The budget is always the first thing to be decided when planning a wedding. It’s something for both of you to deal with. Though you’ll want to handle communications surrounding any contributions of money offered from your side of the family.
  • The bar and the music are usually tasks for a groom, but if you’re not that bothered about music you might want to swap this one out for something you do feel passionate about. Take the initiative with the things you’re good at organizing.
  • Choose your best man - an important task. If it’s too hard to pick just one, by all means pick two. It’s your day.
  • Select your groomsmen. The group should be close friends you can count on to be helpful on the day. You can also consider your other half’s brothers who will be delighted to be included. It should win brownie points with the in-laws too.
  • Make your wishes for the bachelor party known. Yes, it’s the best man’s job, but he’ll be glad of a steer on what kind of bash you’d like.
  • Round up everyone’s measurements so that you can order the suits for the wedding. Go for fittings well in advance so you’ve got the choice of suits and sizes – this is especially important if you’re getting married in peak wedding season.
  • You should find gifts for your best man and groomsmen to hand out on the day. Find something personal if you can, to show your gratitude for their involvement and support, rather than the same gift for all.
  • Once you and your partner choose wedding rings, you’ll need to keep them safe until the wedding day when you’ll entrust your best man with them. Make sure you add them to your insurance along with the engagement ring.
  • Choose a wedding gift for your bride. Jewelry is customary, such as a necklace or a bracelet, though not compulsory.
  • Organize your marriage license. The rules differ greatly between states, so make sure you read up on what’s needed well in advance.
  • Start making notes for your speech in advance. Closer to the time, write it and learn it! If you’re not a confident public speaker, keep it short. As long as you compliment the bride and thank the bridesmaids and your guests, you’re winning.
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception if it’s needed.
  • Be a support for your partner in whatever way necessary and show interest in all decisions.


On The Wedding Day

  • Treat your groomsmen to a fun activity in the morning – perhaps a round of golf or brunch, or anything you can do in a larger group. You might consider inviting your father-in-law and any other close family members as well as your wedding party.
  • Use the time in the morning to hand out gifts to the best man and groomsmen.
  • Practice your speech – all eyes will be on you, so you’ll want to get it right. Make sure your notes are safely tucked in your jacket pocket. Even if you have practiced the lines one thousand times, nothing can prepare you for the moment you finally deliver it and, in the event, you lose your thread, the notes will save you. 
  • Ensure everyone knows their jobs for the day and that they are clear on timings – and that they get ready on time.
  • Hand over the weddings rings to your best man who will present them to you during the ceremony. 


After The Wedding

  • Make sure all the formalwear is returned.
  • If you have taken on the task of organizing the honeymoon, you should take the lead on logistics and practicalities of getting to the airport on time and having the correct documents for travel.
  • When you get home from your honeymoon, split the mammoth task of writing thank you notes to your guests with your wife. Yes, it might take you several sittings, but a few personal words of thanks will go a very long way to your family and friends.



Choosing the perfect wedding band

You’ve found your perfect love match! Now it is time to find your wedding band, but where should you start? It can be a daunting task to find a wedding band that suits your engagement ring, but we’ve come up with some easy tips and suggestions to make navigating that selection a little easier.

First, let’s start with the basics. We’re going to break down some of the most popular options when it comes to wedding bands:

Classic Band - A simple band without diamonds. These are often engraved with a special note on the inside of the band.



Eternity Band - A band with diamonds that surround the entire circumference of the band.


Half Eternity Band - Also a band with diamonds, but only going halfway around the ring, providing greater durability for an active lifestyle.


5-Stone Band - This style typically uses larger diamonds for a bolder look.



Curved Band - These often have diamonds and can be designed to curve in just the right way to fit snugly against the engagement ring.

Notched Band - Similar to a curved but is more like a puzzle piece - snugly nestling against the engagement ring.


Infinity Band - This style is a perpetual circle of diamonds, incorporating the infinity sign, or figure 8, to signify that infinite relationship.




When it comes to finding the perfect band there isn't always a clear right or wrong choice. Traditionally, wedding bands and engagement rings are made of the same metal, so often times people assume that they should be made of the same metal. This isn’t true. If you tend to mix metals in your fashion jewelry selections, don’t be afraid to do it with your wedding set as well. Mixed metals can modernize the look, creating a winning duo!

While we all want a band that highlights our personal style, it is also important to consider how the band will complement your lifestyle. For example, if you have an active hobby or profession, an eternity ring may not be a great fit. The diamonds on the underside would be at a greater risk for chipping. In this case, consider a Half Eternity Band or a 5-Stone Eternity Band. You may also want to consider a harder metal like platinum, over the classic white gold. This way, you still have all the beauty with minimal risk of damage to your band.

It is important to choose one that will highlight yet not overpower your engagement ring. Whatever your style is, from mixed metal to diamonds or gemstones, there is a simple way to ensure your engagement ring remains the shining star. Try choosing a wedding band that is the same width as, or slightly thinner than the band of the engagement ring. This draws the eye toward the engagement ring.

Does diamond shape matter? Again, it’s all about complementing versus competing. If you have a larger round solitaire engagement right, you may want a thin pave eternity band with small round stones. This will mirror the shape of the engagement right without providing any distraction. If you have an emerald or square cut engagement ring, consider the fashionable east-to-west design for your wedding band with smaller emerald cut diamonds. These bands are gorgeous on their own or in a stack.

Look to the future! If you are planning to add another band to your wedding set down the road, or start a ring stack, you should consider how the design of your initial wedding band will complement your future wedding stack style. Make sure that your band is a design that you can see yourself loving several years from now. However, it’s never too early to start a ring stack if you ask us.

Try ring shopping at least 4-5 months before your wedding in case you decide to go the custom route and to plan for any potential engravings. Most importantly, remember this should be a fun and exciting time. Don’t stress, just choose a ring that speaks to you and your love.

After the Wedding: How to Create the Perfect Day

Speaking to Elizabeth Charlez just after her wedding, the bride described the first dance with her now-husband, Rahja Porter, as ‘the big highlight’ of their ‘amazing and beautiful day’. Elizabeth, 34, an assistant at a law firm, said: “I was laughing and smiling, just like any bride should look during the dancing - happy and excited.”

Elizabeth and Rahja, 24, a financial administrator for a broker, got married during Memorial Day weekend, in an outdoor ceremony at their church in Omaha, Nebraska, followed by a backyard style wedding kindly hosted at their pastor’s house. Even the weather played its part to perfection, a major concern for any bride hosting an outdoor wedding, as it turned out “sunny but not too hot, with a little bit of wind”.

The day got off to whirlwind start. Elizabeth said: “To be able to fully embrace the day, I should have arrived earlier than 9am or done more preparation. It was kind of hectic ironing tablecloths and putting out table numbers, but it all worked out in the end.” In hindsight, Elizabeth described the hardest part of her wedding as keeping track of the guest list. She said: “We had a handful of last minute drop outs and could still have been working on the seating plan on the day itself!”


When it came to the ceremony, the bride had been nervous beforehand about taking her vows, but said: “It was easier than I expected. I’m not someone who likes speaking in public, but I fully paid attention to the groom, and that helped overcome my fears.” Elizabeth thought that for Rahja, the high point of their wedding was the bridal party speeches. She said: “There were so many laughs when his best man, and another groomsman who knew both of us, did their speeches. I am not an emotional person, but when my bridesmaid spoke I did get choked up.”

Another particularly touching moment occurred when Rahja discovered the inscription Elizabeth had arranged inside his black and rose gold wedding ring, with their wedding date and an intimate quote. She said: “He loved it. He liked that it was specific to us and special.” Elizabeth had chosen an ‘extremely unique’ beaded and sequinned dress for the ceremony, and joked that her husband might even have felt jealous.

She said: “All the planning, the colours and so on, accessorized off my dress. My style is very retro and 1950s, and he felt I was more ‘in the theme’, while he wore a classic look with a shirt and bow tie.” The couple ‘sparkled in’ Hispanic touches throughout their wedding, in homage to Elizabeth’s half Mexican, half Lebanese heritage, from the taco truck for the catering to the cinnamon and vanilla flavoured churro wedding cake to the Vans shoes with ‘Day of the Dead’ decoration, worn by the couple at their reception,

One regret still lingers. Elizabeth said: “The photographer took family pictures after the wedding, but I should have jotted down a list of who else the photographer should have got, not just the bridge and groom and our parents. “It would have been nice to capture a picture of our pastor and his wife with their daughters, as the wedding was at his house, and also my church group.”



Elizabeth also recommended arranging someone to video your special day, rather than only taking photographs. The couple planned an ‘unplugged ceremony’, as they didn’t want everybody to have their phones out but hadn’t booked a videographer. Elizabeth said: “My mom’s friend did video part of the ceremony and send it to us, and I’m glad someone broke the rules.”

Their big day may have rushed past, but Elizabeth and Rahja have so many great memories surrounded by family and friends, about everything from the ‘amazing’ food and music to the speeches and weather. Only their two-year-old daughter Akilah was a bit grumpy, overwhelmed by all the assembled guests. Elizabeth said: “I think it would have been better if someone else had held her, rather than expecting her to walk out after the two flower girls.” Now the newly-weds are planning their honeymoon, thanks to contributions by their guests, hopefully to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.



As advice to other brides, Elizabeth said: “Once you walk down the aisle, let everything go and enjoy the moment. I did it by paying attention to the groom. We worked hard to plan it and spent a lot of time and money, but for me, on my wedding day, it was perfect. I feel like marriage won’t always be easy, and we need to embrace the moment we got married, to remember when times are hard.”

Before The Wedding: The Bride Shares Her Thoughts

Elizabeth Charlez and Rahja Porter are making their wedding special by adding personal touches to everything from the ceremony, food and flowers to the dress and rings.

Speaking a few days beforehand, Elizabeth, 34, who works as an assistant at a law firm and her husband-to-be, Rahja, 24, a financial administrator for a broker, were looking forward to the ceremony in their place of worship, the Candlewood Church in Omaha, Nebraska, followed by a backyard-style wedding kindly hosted at his home by their pastor, Pastor Rory Whitney, and his family.

Elizabeth described the week before their wedding during Memorial Day weekend as ‘crazy’.

She said: I thought I would feel a lot more relaxed, because I tried to plan so much beforehand, and all that planning did have its purpose. But it is crazy and you can’t expect anything else, with guests who decide not to come, checking the weather - there’s always something. I’ve re-done the seating plan five times or more.



Elizabeth and Rahja have planned a wedding full of personal elements. Elizabeth didn’t want to go for a white wedding dress, for example, but chose a unique and detailed dress for the ceremony, with blush undertones and a layer of silver and golden beads and sequins. Later, she will change into a shorter pink and sparkly dress. The couple have arranged a decorated school bus to transport guests from the church. The backyard-style wedding will have Hispanic touches, with a taco truck for the catering and cacti among the candles on the tables. The cake topper, made to look like the bride and groom in their wedding finery, is in Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ style.

The part of the day Elizabeth is most looking forward to is the music. The couple have booked a DJ, but Elizabeth let him know their favorite tracks, starting with 50s love songs by Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra, moving on to lower key music during the cocktail and dinner hour, and finishing with music to dance to later in the evening. Their first dance will be to ‘This Must Be The Place’ by Talking Heads.

The couple’s daughter, Akilah, aged two, will be the flower girl along with two young cousins, but otherwise the wedding for 75 will be child-free. Elizabeth said: “We are trying to keep it a good time for the parents.”

Elizabeth has taken the lead in planning the wedding, with a ‘huge help’ from their pastor’s daughter and her bridesmaid Lydia, since Rahja’s romantic proposal back in October 2021. Rahja proposed on a snowy mountainside while the couple was on vacation in Colorado, producing a rose gold vintage style ring from LovBe, the Adelaide Princess Engagement Ring.



Elizabeth said: I had said I liked rose gold, but my significant other designed it. My wedding band is also rose gold, and his ring is black with rose gold, with our wedding date and an intimate quote engraved inside: ‘With you by my side, I enjoy the passing of time’.

Rose gold is a theme throughout, including the wedding lasso element in their ceremony, when the pastor will bind their hands together with a rose gold rosary.

Before the big day, Elizabeth is most concerned about the personal vows within the traditional ceremony. She said: My personality is more playful, but the vows can’t all be funny. I will be outside my comfort zone and vulnerable.

Elizabeth and Rahja have known each other for four years, after meeting through her mother, and getting married is an important commitment to their relationship.

Elizabeth said: We have created a family as it is now, but I hope there will be a different feeling after the wedding. We didn’t have stable backgrounds and relationships are easy to leave. With a marriage you have to stay and work through your problems, facing difficulties sooner rather than letting them simmer, so our kids will have a different upbringing from ourselves.”



Elizabeth’s advice for future brides?  Take the honeymoon straight after the wedding.

Elizabeth said: I thought it would be too much all at once, but after a busy week and the wedding itself I now get why it’s important to prioritize time for yourself and the groom.

The couple intend on planning their honeymoon once they are married and have asked friends and family wishing to give them wedding presents to contribute to a honeymoon fund. Elizabeth said: “We need to make sure we do the honeymoon quite soon.”

For now, with the marriage imminent, Elizabeth hopes that the wedding will be unique, and that everyone has a good time, and we have a good time, and we get to embrace every moment.

20 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

When planning the perfect wedding it’s easy to get carried away with wanting all the things that can make it as beautiful as it can be. Unless you have access to a bottomless bank account like the Kardashians or Harry and Meghan, you might be looking for ways to save on your wedding. Here are 20 ways to keep costs down:

1. Set a budget before setting a date

Before you even open a bridal magazine, work out what you can afford to spend on a wedding. Find out how much other family members might be able to contribute. Then set your budget - and stick to it.

2. Choose the date wisely

For most the venue hire is the biggest cost of a wedding. You’ll instantly slash the bill by avoiding a summer wedding on a Saturday. Choose a month when it’s cheaper and save even more cash by having a wedding on a Friday. Guests will be happy to attend a wedding out of season rather than have their whole summer booked up.

3. Avoid expensive wedding stationery

You don’t have to splash out on shop bought invitations and save the date cards.

Design and print your own invites using online services. And if you want people to save the date, just send them an email or a text. You could go completely digital and send the wedding invites via email too.

4. Take advantage of family talent

Ask friends and family to step in, where they have a talent that could help with part of the wedding, as their gift to you. Perhaps they could DJ or be your photographer that typical cost over $1,000. Or maybe your guest list includes a hairdresser a florist or a talented baker who can make the cake.

5. Ditch the three-course meal

Depending on the style of your wedding, a buffet, hog roast or even a BBQ stand can work just as well as a formal sit-down meal. Use the wedding cake as a dessert course.

6. Decorations on a budget

Instead of using flowers for table centrepieces – which end up being pricey - design something that you can put together yourself.

Look on Gumtree or Facebook groups where brides sell on their haul of mirrored table decorations, candlesticks and bowls of glass beads which can all look elegant. You can sell these on afterwards so might even get your money back.

7. Save on drinks

Venues might charge a small fortune for cocktails, champagne and wine - and your favourites might not be available. You could bring your own alcohol and pay the corkage costs -it could still work out cheaper.

8. Buy champagne at Christmas

The sales around Christmas and New Year are the perfect time to bag a bargain on bubbly, wines and beers. Track prices online and pounce when the price is right. 

9. Consider a cash bar for spirits

After the meal, keep the bill under control by paying for beer, wine and soft drinks – but not spirits.

10. Ditch a pricey wedding cake

If there are no talented bakers in the family and you need to cut cake costs, why not create a treats table instead. You could use an inexpensive cake as a centerpiece and then fill your dessert table with all your other favourite baked goods such as doughnuts, cupcakes, macarons or chocolate eclairs. You can simply pick them up at the supermarket and arrange them beautifully.

11. Your dress doesn’t need to break the bank

You don’t need to pay top dollar for a stunning wedding dress. There are now plenty of websites that sell once worn or even never worn bridal gowns from top designers at bargain prices. There are also many high street brands that sell stylish bridal designs for a fraction of the price. If there’s a must-have designer for you, find out about sample sales on social media, which can save up to 90%.

12. Save on bridal party outfits

For bridesmaids you don’t need six friends decked out in matching satin gowns. Let them choose (and pay for) their own dresses.

13. Consider lab grown diamonds 

For an engagement ring, wedding rings or a special necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings for the big day, diamonds are likely to be your first choice. The drawback is the cost. Look into lab grown diamonds which can help save you a considerable amount. Lab grown diamonds are really diamonds after all, and you could even decide to forgo the savings and get larger or better-quality diamonds for the same cost as earth diamonds.  

14. Do your own wedding makeup

Once you’ve paid for the trial and a session on the day you can spend well over $100. And that’s just for you, there’s also the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. Use YouTube tutorials if make-up isn’t your thing. Or ask a friend who is talented at make-up application to help.

15. Save on favours

Wedding guests don’t expect favours these days. You could call on a family member if you can’t bear to cut these out. Or you could make a charitable donation on behalf of your friends and family instead.

16. Create your own music

A band or a DJ can mean a chunky bill. Instead, get creative and make your own playlist. You'll need hours’ worth of tracks but you can get your guests involved and get them to suggest their favourite three songs along with their RSVPs.

17. Create a wedding website

Your very own website can replace the need for multiple invitation cards for your other events - like the rehearsal dinner, welcome party or day-after brunch. It can also help with logistic for your guest such as information on options for transportation and accommodation.

18. Save on photos

Instead of booking your photographer for a full day, book enough hours for the ceremony and reception and other important moments like the speeches. Then friends to cover the fun and dancing!

19. Haggle

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with any of your wedding day suppliers. There’s no shame in asking for a discount. The worst they can say is no.

20. Sell your dress

Remember, you can sell your dress once you’re done with it. Let’s face it, it’s only going to hang in a cupboard for decades and one day be thrown out. Why not get some of your hard-earned dollars back?

7 Very Special Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

If you're looking for the perfect mother's day jewelry, then we'll show you the best kind of gifts that'll stay with her forever as a beautiful memory of the day, the moment and you!

Jewelry gifts are very personal and there's no one better to know their own mother than their daughter or son. Make this mother's day the best ever with a very special gift.

Mother's day jewelry can be a special, very meaningful fine jewelry gift that you both love. Or it can be an interpretation of something very personal for both of you. Like a necklace that emulates your mother's taste in jewelry. 

You don't need to spend a ton of money to find the perfect jewelry but we are here to inspire you to find the best possible fine jewelry gifts for your special mother. Surprise her with a memorable gift from LovBe.


Very Special Mother's Day Necklace Ideas


If you want to opt for a gift that stays close to the heart, then nothing comes close to a diamond necklace which will literally be close to her heart. That aside, a diamond jewelry gift from you will always remind her that her family loves and appreciates her.

For most women today, jewelry is about life, love, fashion, or personal accomplishment. It's thus important to make sure that your mother's day jewelry gift fits with her life seamlessly. In short, if she leads an active life, then you should pick out a design or diamond carat size that can withstand their lifestyle.





Sparkly Dainty Heart Pendant features 26 round diamonds paved along a metal heart frame (0.56 TCW); price starts at $549


Pendants that slide on the chain are a great gift for your mother as they can be moved from one chain to another or even pinned on as charms or hair or jacket decorations, depending on your mothers preference.

A minimalistic circle pendant or our top-seller heart pendant will show her your love. These meaningful jewelry gifts are really important on days when verbal affirmations don't seem to work. So a glittering, radiant heart necklace which has your love and affection put together on the outside can give your mother the little boost she needs to feel better on the inside.




Lovable Ardent Heart Pendant sports 16 round diamonds laced along a heart (0.96 TCW); Price starts from $899


You can choose white gold, yellow or rose gold variants in 14K/18K to suit your budget. If she is in a corporate world, we would recommend a fitting necklace that'll be a blend of modern and classic so that she can wear it comfortably from a work meeting to a party with her colleagues.


Radiant Round Halo Pendant (1 3/4 TCW) features a round brilliant cut solitaire with 38 smaller diamond halo which give the center stone a spectacular dazzle. Small round diamonds encrusted on the bale further adds to the glamor quotient; Price starts at $2499



Looking for Mother's Day Jewelry Set?


A good quality pair of diamond ear studs have the power to be that one little unique thing to make you feel special and empowered.

Match your existing pair or get a matched diamond shape so that you can both show off your mother's day jewelry set for the 'gram! P.S. Social media has come to be a critical part of the gift-giving experience, as a platform to be inspired from, and seek validations for purchase and later to share story of the gift.

Candlelight Stud earrings in three-prong martini style setting (1 TCW); Price starts at $899


Diamond studs, like these in 14k white gold, are a time tested accessory which can be worn day and night, from work to a special occasion. Show your mother the difference a high quality pair of ear studs can make in taking her through a day to night effortlessly looking her charming self. She'd never need to take these off!

For a more fashion-conscious mother who already has a pair of diamond studs in her jewelry box, show her the dazzling beauty of combining multiple lab grown diamonds making for an absolutely unique pair of ear accessories than the everyday ear studs.

Three Stone Lab Grown Diamond Studs (7/9 TCW); Price starts at $599


LovBe's three stone diamond studs or graduating three stone studs are a cut above any other fine jewelry gift. The diamonds are selected and crafted in prongs that are durable and designed to handle every day wear. Turn up the glam quotient in 14K or 18K yellow gold variants as this metal has seen a strong come back in recent years.




Graduating Three Stone Snowman Pendant (3/4 Ct. tw.) Price starts at $799


The best jewelry gift for your mother should be easy to maintain and a versatile piece suited for daily wear. A 14k gold metal would be an ideal choice since 14K gold jewelry is quite affordable and durable due to higher percentage of alloys in gold.

Remember you always have the option to match her ear stud look with a pendant, maybe?




Triangular Three Stone Pendant (1 TCW.); Price starts at $849


Remember, just one thoughtful gift that really touches your mothers's heart is better than a hundred meaningless trinkets in her jewel box. So, we hope this little guide will help you narrow down to a stunning piece that can celebrate the loving bond between you and your mother for a very very long time.

4Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat

Today, the 4Cs of diamond are the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. It is Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat that makes each diamond special and very different in value. For example, for some the carat weight would be key, while others may look for better clarity or brilliant cuts.

The scale to grade diamonds was first created as a rudimentary way of assessing the quality and has emerged to be the internationally accepted benchmark for judging the quality of diamonds. Here’s an easy guide to help you find the best quality in your diamond.




The primary factor that increases the value & visible beauty of a diamond is its color. The color of a diamond, apart from cosmetic reasons, is also indicative of the rarity of the stone. A diamond color is ranked on a scale of D-Z, with D referring to diamonds that are devoid of color, to Z which would indicate that the diamond is colorful.

If you are in the market for a colorless diamond, then choose in the D-E-F color range. A lower color grade diamond will mean the presence of a yellowish tint that may be undesirable to some. As a rule of thumb, the more colorless the diamond, the more is its value.






This technical factor is considered as an important one among rest of the 4Cs of diamond quality. The cut consists of three factors – cutting, symmetry, and polish quality of the diamond. The diamonds at the top of the line are regarded as triple excellent or 3EX signifying excellent cut, polish, and symmetry.

When determining the quality of the cut, typically a diamond grader evaluates the cutter’s skill in ‘cutting’ the diamond. The more precise the diamond is cut, the more captivating the diamond is to the eye.

Although color contributes significantly to a diamond’s value, it is the cut that imparts the shine and brilliance. Not to be confused with the shape (like emerald or round shape) but a properly cut diamond will ensure total internal reflection, refracting all the light that enters the diamond into the eyes of the viewer as brilliance and fire.





The clarity of a diamond usually refers to inclusions (blemishes) present in the stone. Diamonds without inclusions or blemishes are rare; however, most characteristics can only be seen with magnification. Not only does the clarity of the diamond affect the overall look of the diamond, but the position or the size of the inclusion can affect the passage of light, making it appear less sparkly and ultimately affecting its value.

As per the established benchmarks ranging over 11 clarity grades, diamonds are ranked on their clarity starting at Flawless (FL) to Included (I3).





Carat is the unit of weight of the diamond. One carat equals 0.200 grams or 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points. Typically, value of a diamond based on carat weight is not always proportional in nature. For instance, the value of a 1-carat diamond is not half the value of a 2-carat diamond. Likewise, two diamonds with the same carat weight can have different physical size measurements depending on how they are cut and thus be priced distinctly too.

The value of the diamond typically tends to increase manifold as the weight increases. This is because bigger diamonds are relatively rarer than smaller diamonds. Are you ready to pick a diamond?

The ABC’s of LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds

There are so many things to know about lab grown diamonds. And a million things to consider when buying an engagement ring. We understand it can be a bit overwhelming as you start your ring journey. Here are 26 fun facts about LovBe lab grown diamonds that we hope you find both interesting and helpful with your search!

A - Asscher, a type of square step cut, is a shape to consider if you are wanting something timeless yet a bit unique


B - Brilliance is what gives a diamond its sparkle and fire.

C - When it comes to a carat weight, LGDs are the way to go! For the same cost of a mined diamond, you can afford TWICE the carat weight of a lab grown diamond.

D - D color diamonds are considered colorless. Unlike school grades, a D is highly desirable. As you go down the alphabet (E, F, G), the diamond gains more color, or warmth, as it is sometimes referred to.

E - From the initial sketches to the hallmark certifying authenticity, every aspect of LovBe Exclusive Collections is meticulously thought out by our design team, focusing on creating the ring of your dreams. No detail is left untouched, our rings are the physical embodiment of your love and commitment.


F - Be sure to check out our entire collection of Fine Jewelry, perfect for gifting -- to yourself or someone else!

G - Looking for the perfect gift? Be sure to shop LovBe’s Gift section of our website for your bridesmaids, first anniversary, or push present!


H - Our Hidden Halo setting allows for a bit more sparkle just beneath your center stone. It’s added detail that truly elevates the entire ring!



I - 96% of LovBe diamonds are graded as Ideal or Excellent Cut, which means they will exhibit optimal sparkle.

J - LovBe’s jewelry is created by our in-house design team and features an array of lab grown diamond earrings, pendants, and bracelets.


K - Let’s talk karats! LovBe offers settings in a range of gold weights, including 14K and 18K.

L - Lab grown diamonds are optically and chemically the exact same as mined diamonds. The only difference is where they are created!

M - LovBe’s settings are available in a range of metals, including white, rose and yellow gold.

N - Our newest ring design is the Tension Setting, which features a prong-less design -- perfect for the minimalist bride-to-be!


O - One-of-a-kind engagement rings are our specialty! Work with our design team to customize your dream ring.

P - Platinum is an ideal metal to choose for a ring setting, as it is durable, naturally white (no plating needed), and hypoallergenic.

Q - Only the highest quality diamonds for a given color and clarity, certified by independent third-party diamond grading laboratories, are chosen to be called a

LovBe diamond.

R - Believe in ratings? LovBe has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot thanks to its satisfied customers.

S - Customer Service is an integral part of the LovBe experience. Our five-star Diamond Concierge is always available to assist with any questions you may have, from customizing your ring design to finding a diamond within your budget.

T - Two-tone ring settings, which showcase two colors of metals, are extremely popular at the moment. A two-tone setting ensures your engagement ring will work with any piece in your jewelry wardrobe.


U - Unmatched color and clarity of our diamonds are pillars that LovBe is founded upon. Every LovBe Lab Grown Diamond is selected by an expert, with only 2 in every 10 diamonds passing our strict quality control standards.

V - Delivering value to our customers is our main goal. We strive to offer the highest quality lab grown diamonds for the best value, each and every day.

W - Don’t forget about wedding bands! Pavé, channel set, 5-stone? Thin, stackable, or wide? LovBe has it covered, with an incredible selection of bands to suit all desired looks.


X - 2X's the size of a mined diamond for the same price. That’s part of the LovBe Promise. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed value, which allows us to offer a larger lab grown diamond for the cost of a mined diamond.

Y - Did you know lab grown diamonds are available in an array of colors, including yellow?


Z - Zzzzz...your dream ring awaits at

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about LovBe’s lab grown diamonds, speak with our Diamond Concierge, who is always willing to assist!

5 Ways To Style A Brilliant Round Diamond

The most popular cut of a diamond by far, the brilliant round lab grown diamond accounts for 75% of all diamonds sold. For over 100 years, diamond cutters have been perfecting the process of cutting round diamonds. With its 58 facets, a round diamond maximizes brilliance and takes sparkle to the next level. Want something classic? Modern? Different? This chameleon easily changes its look based on the setting in which it sits, making it an ideal choice for a center stone. Don’t believe us? Read on for five different engagement ring styles which beautifully suit a Round Brilliant diamond.


As timeless and classic as they come, a solitaire puts the brilliant round front and center. Elevating the diamond, a solitaire showcases the stone in the spotlight, as the focus of a solitaire ring will always be the center stone. Generally featuring four or six prongs, the solitaire allows a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond, accentuating its fire and brilliance. Choose a slim band to enhance the size of the diamond, a wider band for more of a statement look, or consider a pavé band for an added touch of sparkle.



The evolution of the solitaire is the addition of side stones, which increases both the sparkle and allure of an engagement ring. As many different diamond cuts pair well with the Round Brilliant, selecting side stones that compliment your center stone is an opportunity to customize your design and reflect your own style and personality. The size ratio of side stones to the center stone will change the focus of the ring, from beautiful accent pieces to what is commonly referred to as a three-stone ring.



The magic of this modern ring setting lies in the omission of prongs; the Round Brilliant is held securely by a bezel that envelopes the lab grown diamond. The overall look is one that is sleek, architectural, and arresting, and is sure to be noticed when worn. An optimal choice for someone with an active lifestyle, as the metal surrounding the stone, provides maximum protection. Tension Set rings are available in both a full and partial bezel and are a brilliant high polish look or with diamonds glittering along with the band.



In a word? Romantic. Our Vintage engagement rings exude charm, driven by intricate details such as engraving, milgrain, and pavé diamonds nestled within the settings. As Round Brilliants were one of the earliest diamond shapes to be available for sale, they fit flawlessly within a setting with vintage vibes.



These double diamond delights feature a secret only the wearer will be wise to: beyond the magnificent diamond bezel surrounding the center stone, there is a hidden ‘halo’ of pave diamonds just below the Round Brilliant on the ring’s setting. While not visibly viewed from the initial glance, upon a closer look, this surprise diamond setting shines from within and elevates this extraordinary setting to another level. The hidden halo rests atop a sleek pave band, completing this sparkle-covered look. For those looking to sparkle inside and out, you’ve found your ring.


Choosing a Round Brilliant for the center stone of your engagement ring truly allows for the ability to build your dream engagement ring. We recommend trying out our Ring Creator to bring your vision to life!


The Best of Both Worlds: Two-Toned Engagement Rings

Have trouble deciding which metal to select for your engagement ring? You are not alone! If you are like most women, your current jewelry wardrobe may consist of an array of metals, from sterling silver to the warm tones of yellow and rose golds, to perhaps even platinum. How then is one supposed to choose the metal for their engagement ring --- the symbol of eternal commitment which you will wear every day from now on – and still be able to pair it with your existing treasured pieces? LovBe has solved this age-old question with the addition of our latest collection, the Two-Toned Engagement Ring. Available in a range of eight new design settings, this collection intertwines accent metals into the shank of the ring, marrying the colors in a beautiful effect. And allowing for your engagement ring to fit seamlessly into your jewelry aesthetic.

The Twisted Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Ring is the epitome of this new collection. Crafted in two tones, with options of yellow and rose golds, this impressive style showcases a brilliant lab grown diamond, secured by detailed prongs. Delicate twists of color dance within the shank, paired with round diamonds set in pavé. The ring is bordered with a row of diamonds, creating a marquise-shaped silhouette, dotted with single diamonds in between, ensuring a heightened sparkle factor.

With a single ring setting comprised of three diamond bands, the Two-Tone Round Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring is not for the faint of heart! This bold ring packs a major punch, incorporating an accent-colored band set in between a pair of pavé diamond bands, all while highlighting a beautiful center stone lab grown diamond. The shank is adorned with marquise and round-shaped frames in yellow or rose gold encrusted with micro prong-set diamonds. A row of smaller micro prong set diamonds in white gold creates a border. Radiant with a bright polished shine, this magnificent engagement ring possesses undeniable sparkle.

For those searching for a vintage-inspired look, the Two-Toned Antique Diamond Engagement Ring will tick a lot of boxes. Able to accommodate a range of center stone diamond shapes, this ring has an immediate histories feel to it. Along the shank, pavé diamonds set in round frames with intricate milgrain detailing are separated by a pair of diamonds set in micro prongs to create a splendid look in yellow or rose gold. It is bordered by a line of smaller round diamonds set in a micro prong setting in white gold. With brilliant luster, this engagement ring is a beautiful reminder of your commitment.

The design concept behind this collection was inspired by two words: unconventional + artistic. Two words used to describe the Bohemian lifestyle and perfectly suited to describe LovBe’s latest ring collection debut. The multi-layered sparklers feature intricate designs, highlighted by pave diamonds encrusted in the ornate metalwork. The attention to detail creates a magical setting for the rings’ crowning glory: a beautiful lab grown diamond center stone, available in a range of diamond shapes. These magnificent settings can incorporate Round Brilliants, Ovals, Princess, and Emerald cuts, allowing the wearer the freedom to fully express their preferences. What could be more Bohemian than that? The Hexagon Accent Wide Diamond Engagement Ring is an exceptional example of Bohemian design inspiration. Classic in its overall look, the detail of the modern hexagon bands that border the yellow or rose gold pavé-filled center band truly take this ring to another level. The geometric touch adds unexpected modernity to what, at first glance, looks like a three-band stack of rings. This ring would be easily complemented by additional bands set atop or below the setting, adding yet another dimension.

As suggested with several of the rings above, a final highlight of the two-toned engagement ring is the ability to create a stack of colors utilizing various wedding bands. Add a band in the accent color of your engagement ring or incorporate a new metal for a more dimensional look. Perhaps consider building an ombre look, blending white metals, with or without diamonds, with a rose gold band and a yellow gold band. With LovBe’s hundreds of wedding band options, the choices are endless!

The Definitive Style Guide For Summer Jewelry

Whether you are traveling to far-flung destinations with a passport in hand, or to your own backyard BBQ this season, a few easy-to-wear diamond jewelry pieces are a summer must-have.

Think flowy dresses and wide-brimmed sun hats, t-shirts with denim cutoffs, and the quintessential bathing suit with sandals. No matter which style you choose, the one common denominator that will go with everything? Jewelry!

Elevate your warm-weather fashion this summer with classic lab grown diamond jewelry, that will captivate during those long, sun-filled days and easily transition once the weather begins to cool.

  • HOOPS: From sun-drenched afternoons to summer weddings, hoop earrings are appropriate jewelry for all occasions. Available in a range of sizes and metals, there is a pair of LovBe hoops to suit all looks. Set with lab grown diamonds on both the outside and inside of the hoop, these earrings were designed to showcase maximum sparkle!

Inside Outside Diamond Hoop Earrings

  • TENNIS BRACELET: The timeless, never out of style, this jewelry staple is the most versatile piece you will ever own. Line bracelets easily transition from the ‘courts’ for which they are named to an elegant evening out, with a quick change of attire. Wear one alone or stack several together for the ultimate summer #armparty! Available in a range of carat weights, from two to ten, there is an option for everyone. These classic line bracelets will become instant favorites that you’ll never take off!

Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

  • EAR STUDS: Three-prong or four? With or without a halo? Round brilliant, princess, pear-shaped, or emerald cut? Ear studs are the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ of jewelry at LovBe! So many ways to showcase your personal style, and these gems will bring a constant sparkle to the woman who wears them. Available in an array of metals, pair them with a ponytail poolside or an LBD for an easy, sophisticated upgrade to an evening out this summer and beyond.


Sunburst Princess Ear studs                                        Halo Diamond Earrings

  • PENDANTS – Last but certainly not least, a sun-tanned décolletage calls for a diamond pendant! A simple solitaire pendant available in an array of diamond shapes, including pear, emerald cut, and a classic round brilliant, tops most women’s jewelry wish lists. For those who like a little more embellishment (aka a bit more bling!), halo pendants are a perfect choice. The diamond bezel around the center stone creates a larger look and is available in a myriad of shapes, from pears to round brilliants.

Solitaire Pear Pendant              Solitaire Emerald Pendant              Radiant Round Halo Pendant           Cushion Halo Pendant


Beaches, mountain tops, poolside, nearby or abroad, wherever your summer plans may take you, LovBe’s lab grown diamond jewelry will be the perfect accent to your ensemble. Mix and match pieces to create an enviable style that is sure to sparkle in the summer sunshine.

For assistance with styling your jewelry wardrobe this season, contact our Diamond Concierge for ideas and inspiration!

Special Gifts for Special Ladies

Spring has sprung and May is finally here! Time for colorful flowers in bloom, longer days to enjoy and the mother of all holidays, Mother’s Day! This month, whether you are celebrating a mom, mom-to-be, stepmom, dog mom, or simply an extraordinary woman in your life, show her how much she means to you by surprising her with a bit of sparkle. And to make it a bit more enticing, LovBe is having its first-ever sales promotion! For a limited time, we are offering 15% off fine jewelry and 25% off engagement rings! As if you needed any more reasons to get shopping, LovBe’s design team has been hard at work creating new staples that will be as transformative as the woman who wears it.

Classic ear studs that she’ll wear every day and treasure forever:


Returning the favor for all of hoops she jumps through for you:


A solitaire pendant she’ll wear close to her heart:


And perhaps, if it’s time to make this woman your FOREVER woman, consider one of our lab grown diamond engagement rings. With more than 6,000 expertly selected stones in our inventory, paired with 1,200 settings, the options are endless. And if nothing seems to strike your fancy, work with our Diamond Concierge to design a one-of-a-kind ring, customized to tick all your boxes.

In the meantime, here are a few of our current favorites, just out of the workshop:

For the Purist:


For the Vintage-Inspired


For the Princess

LovBe Debuts First Exclusive Collection

It is with much excitement that LovBe is announcing the debut of our first Exclusive Collection, LovBe Eternal! A capsule collection of nine engagement ring styles which is now available on LovBe. This collection stands apart as all of the designs were uniquely crafted by our in-house design team. 

The distinct features of LovBe Eternal are the fancy shape lab grown diamond side stones on each setting. From sleek, tapered baguettes, to sophisticated pears, to classic, timeless round brilliants, LovBe Eternal allows a couple to build their perfect engagement ring. With the ability to select a center stone of their choosing, to fit their design desires, as well as their budget, LovBe Eternal rings will be sure to exemplify your past, present, and future.

A beautiful example of the LovBe Eternal style is our Hayden Engagement Ring with a round brilliant center stone and a matched pair of marquise side stones, set in yellow gold.

The Evelyna Engagement ring includes filigree detailing with tapered baguette side stones which enhances the majesty of the Emerald cut center stone.

An heirloom in the making: The Briella Engagement Ring features a timeless Oval center stone radiantly adorned by two sparkling pear-shaped side stones.

The design process for LovBe Eternal began with hand-drawn sketches, skillfully rendered by LovBe’s in-house design team.

Once the drawings were perfected, the design process continued in a more modern fashion, with a Computer-Aided Design, also known as a CAD drawing. It is during this stage that all of the customizations are finalized, ensuring a customer’s dream ring is exactly how they have dreamed it to be.

An example of a LovBe Eternal CAD drawing in progress


The manufacturing process follows, by a team of master craftsmen in New York City. The final ring is delivered to the happy customer within a couple of weeks. LovBe’s Diamond Concierge oversees the process from start to finish, making dreams come true on a daily basis.

Are You Engagement-Ready?

National Proposal Day is March 20th

While we are lucky enough to celebrate engagements every day here at LovBe, the rest of the world will be celebrating National Proposal Day on March 20th! A day to recognize marriage proposals, it may as well be called National Engagement Ring Day, as we know most couples will celebrate this day with the exchange of a ring. 


While the exact history of this ‘holiday’ is unknown, National Proposal Day coincides with the Spring Equinox, also known as the first day of spring, a time for new beginnings.  One of only two days a year when day and night are equally as long as each other, the equinox symbolizes two equal efforts --- what any successful marriage should be!


So you’ve found the perfect partner and decided to make it official. What is next on your National Proposal Day To-Do list? 


Figure Out What to Say? 


Who best to ask than the experts at Martha Stewart for some recommendations on a perfect proposal speech.  Authenticity is key…as is remembering to actually ask those four magic words! Hint: Will you marry me? 


Decide Where to Propose?


While the options may be limited this year due to the current global travel restrictions, you can definitely get some inspiration from the team at Brides. How about recreating aspects of these destinations in a local park or even virtually in your living room? 


Now that you know where you’re going to propose, and what you are going to say…what’s left but deciding what you’re going to propose WITH! 




LovBe has more than 1,200 unique ring settings from which to choose. Add in the world-class selection of lab grown diamonds, and the possibilities are endless. From classic 4-prong solitaires, to vintage-inspired treasures, LovBe has a ring for everyone. And if for some reason you cannot find a ring that makes your heart skip a beat, LovBe’s Diamond Concierge is on hand to assist with creating a Custom Design. From an initial pencil sketch to slipping the finished sparkler on your finger, LovBe’s five-star customer service team will be your guide every step of the way on your custom engagement ring journey. 

LovBe’s Ring Builder is the best place to start your ring shopping journey. Start by selecting from thousands of lab grown diamonds, or go straight to finding your perfect setting.   


To get you excited for your ring-building journey, here are a few of LovBe’s current best sellers: 


Classic, 4-Prong Solitaire

featuring a Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond 


Solitaire with Pavé Band

featuring Round Brilliant Lab Grown Diamonds


3-Stone Ring

featuring Round Brilliant Lab Grown Diamonds


Halo Setting

featuring a Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond


Romantic Filigree

featuring a Pear Shape Lab Grown Diamond

LovBe Celebrates International Women’s Day

Monday, March 8th is International Women’s Day.

While not widely celebrated in the US currently, the annual holiday dates back to a rally in New York City in 1908, where 15,000 women took to the streets to march for shorter working hours, better pay, and the right to vote. The first National Women’s Day was declared the following year, but it was not until 1911 that International Women’s Day was made official. IWD is recognized as a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. As a female-founded business, LovBe is intimately aware of the power of women and strives to celebrate and support them every day.

Whether a self-purchase, a gift for a girlfriend, or a special woman in your life, LovBe has countless lab grown diamond jewelry options to mark this important day.

Here are a few of our favorites…

LovBe Lab Grown Diamond Studs: Classic, Timeless, Ever-Appropriate


LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds Open Circle Pendant


LovBe Lab Grown Diamond Hoops: From Day-to-Night and Every Moment in Between


LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds Halo Solitaire Pendant: A must-have for every woman


For additional giftable ideas, visit Fine Jewelry Collections.


How Do I Find the Perfect Engagement Ring?

People dream about their wedding since they were little kids. Every little girl imagines what her wedding will be like, what her dress will look like, and what it will feel to walk down the aisle. But perhaps the most romanticized item of all is the engagement ring. It’s the thing that she’ll show off to all her friends, and symbol of her excitement, and a tangible icon that you’ve made things official: you’re tying the knot, and there’s a ring on her finger to prove it. 

With all of this expectation and imaginings, there’s no surprise that there’s a lot of pressure on the groom to find the perfect engagement ring. Of course, there are some couples who shop together, who peruse the stores and talk about styles, and some still who wait until after the question has been popped to even choose the ring, but there’s something special about getting an engagement ring as a surprise (or a semi-surprise), when the groom gets down on one knee and hands his bride-to-be the little ring box filled with something wondrous and magical inside. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and everyone wants it to be perfect, but how is the groom to know what she wants? And how is the bride to give hints?

Well, we’ll leave the secret machinations of clandestine ring shopping to someone else, and we’ll just talk about what all there is to know about an engagement ring--the things you need to know if you’re going to find the perfect one and bring that ecstatic smile to her face.

Know Her Style

Not every ring is for every woman. Some women are simply enthralled with an array of diamonds in a beautiful pattern, and some want a single gorgeous solitaire that stands out on its own. While there are still some people who never discuss marriage before the fact and the ring is a total surprise, it’s more common for couples to stop by stores as they walk through a mall and point to the rings they like and don’t like. Women might have bridal magazines with pictures circled or pages dog-eared, and any man would be wise to watch for these clues to get an impression of the kind of ring she’s looking for.

We’re all for a little surprise, but what is more important than surprise is a lifetime of satisfaction, and if you have to sacrifice a little bit of the shock value of pulling out a totally unexpected ring in exchange for getting a ring that you know she’ll love, it’s probably best to fall on the side of communication.

Some typical styles are the traditional and elegant engagement rings, usually showcasing a single diamond in the center often with a precious metal band. Other traditional rings include the three-stone rings.

On the other hand, she might be going for something more stylish and now when it comes to rings, and being able to dazzle with something glitzy and unique is more appropriate. Halo rings often fit the bill here: a large diamond in the center surrounded by a halo of many smaller diamonds, even running around the band.

The bride may be more of an adventurous girl, an outdoorsy type who wants a beautiful ring, but is also a ring that isn’t too bold or flashy. She might find nature-inspired rings to be more her cup of tea, with organic shapes like a pear diamond with a band featuring  intertwined twists. Something that speaks to her organic side while still sparkling with radiant light.

And then there are the timeless rings, the rings that never go out of style. Whether this is a throwback to a vintage design, or something antique, some women are all about the history of the ring they’ll wear forever. 

But maybe she doesn’t fit any mold. Maybe something modern is what’s called for, something contemporary. There are so many rings now that are out of the box, with an array of diamonds in an artsy pattern, rather than a single bold stone. Or maybe it’s a solitaire, but with a non-traditional form. If this is your bride’s style, you’ll know.

Know the Basics of Diamond Rings

Once you get the general idea of what your bride’s style is, you’re going to need to pick a diamond. You will quickly find that there are so many choices for an engagement ring’s diamond. First, you need to understand the four Cs, and the shapes of the diamonds which will help you narrow down the choices with finding the perfect ring.

The Four Cs: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color

The Four Cs are kind of the credentials of the diamond: the vital statistics that come along with the stone that identify what it is and what makes it unique and valuable. They are the cut, carat, clarity, and color.


Contrary to some ideas, cut doesn’t refer to the specific shape of the diamond--we’re not talking about round versus princess here. Cut refers to the way that the diamond is cut by the jeweler so that it best enhances the sparkle of the diamond. You can have two diamonds of equal size and shape, but one may sparkle far more because it is cut in such a way that the light bounces just right, bouncing off of angled mirrors, to flash and catch the eye. If a diamond is cut to steeply, it won’t bounce right, and the same if it’s cut too shallow. This is why diamond cutters have to be masters of their craft: the get the cut of the diamond perfectly right for the light to bounce.


The size or weight of the diamond is measured in carats. The average size of an engagement ring is one carat, though a typical jewelry store may have one or two diamonds that go up to four or five carats that fetch a much higher price. (The largest diamond in the world, known as the “Star of Africa” weighs in at 530 carats, and is about the size of a golf ball.) 


Every diamond has flaws, known as inclusions, which are tiny specks that exist in the otherwise clear stone. These imperfections are considered when determining clarity, which is rated on a scale from “flawless” to “included”. The smaller and fewer inclusions, the higher the price. (This might also be a place where cost can be cut, because the difference in the top few tiers of clarity--from flawless to internally flawless to very, very slightly included to very slightly included--are all virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. It’s not until you get to slightly included where the flaws are visible without magnification.


Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, and while clear is the traditional and most popular (and rarest) many other colors exist and some have come into vogue as new fashion trends. You may be familiar with so-called “chocolate diamonds” (diamonds with a brown hue), but there are also pink, yellow, red, and more. It all depends on what minerals combine with the carbon of the diamond. Although a perfectly colorless diamond is the rarest and most expensive, when it comes to colored diamonds, the price goes up depending on the vividness of the color.

Picking the Shape:

  • Round: By far the most common and most sought-after diamond, this is a favorite because the cut of a round diamond (see “cut” as mentioned above) makes a round diamond sparkle quite a lot
  • Oval: The oval is like the round, and can sparkle a lot as well. It is often worn by women with long, thin fingers
  • Emerald: The emerald cut is square or rectangular, with beveled corners, and are often quite large. With emeralds, clarity is more important because it’s easier to see inclusions
  • Asscher: Another square diamond, but with a unique geometry that sets it apart. A more art deco cut, it is still very beautiful, and can cost substantially less than a round diamond of the same carat
  • Cushion: The cushion is an antique look, a square with rounded corners straight from the 1800s 
  • Princess: A princess is known for its brilliant shimmer, and by design it looks bigger than it actually is, making it a good budget buy. 
  • Pear: This tear-drop shaped diamond is gorgeous, and will withstand the test of time

Don’t Forget the Metal!

We know we’re talking about diamonds here, but let’s not forget about the metals! Traditionally, engagement rings were made with yellow gold, and many still are. But in recent years the move has been more toward white gold, platinum, or even silver. Rose gold is also a stunning choice in metal that has become a crowd favorite! The differences in price reflect rarity but also hardness. Platinum and silver look almost identical, for example, but platinum is much rarer and therefore more expensive. And platinum doesn’t scratch as easily as golds.

Know Your Priorities

What’s Your Engagement Ring Budget?

Tradition has it that an engagement ring should cost three months of a groom’s salary. Don’t believe it. This was a marketing campaign from De Beer’s in the 30’s as a way to get people to spend more on diamonds. 

Knowing what your budget is before you go into the process of shopping will guide your decisions along every step of the process, as you pick through the 4 Cs, and the shape and style. While you want to be absolutely happy with the ring you choose, no one wants to start marriage in debt because of a ring. Figure out what suits you and go with it. 

Also, be reassured that by choosing a LovBe lab grown diamond, you are getting the best value for your money. Learn more about the LovBe Advantage today, and play around with our Ring Creator to create the perfect engagement ring for your fiance!

The Best Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

So you've found a partner you want to share the rest of your life with. But before you can pop the question, you need an engagement ring. However, engagement rings can be expensive and may require months of saving, and that's if you can find the right ring in the first place.

Some say that saving money on an engagement ring could be a sign of your love and life together, but we think that an affordable engagement ring can leave you more money in your pocket for the wedding or a honeymoon or even as a down-payment on your first purchase together, such as a shared car or a house.

But before you even think about putting your hard-earned money down on a beautiful engagement ring, you need to be aware of the process. Not only do you have to save for a ring, but there are lots of rings out there and an almost limitless number of options to complicate your decision.

Make a Budget

One of the best ways to save money on an engagement ring is to set a budget and follow it. Some people say to spend three months of income on a ring, which could represent a significant savings period on top of all your other monthly expenses. Others say to pick a reasonable amount and then try to find a ring that fits both your preferences and your budget.

That said, it's hard to know how much you'll need if you haven't shopped around a bit, so feel free to head out to some stores and browse online showrooms to get an idea for how much your ideal ring will cost. At some point, your preferences and your budget will align, allowing you to save money on an engagement ring while meeting your other criteria.

But whatever you do, don't make the mistake of rushing into such a large purchase. If you find a ring you like, make a mental note and come back to it in a day or two, especially if it's over your budget. Sure, it's nice to buy an expensive engagement ring for your fiancée, but not if you have to go into debt over it. Spend an amount that's comfortable for you and your budget engagement ring prices vary wildly, and you could easily spend way more than you bargained for if you're not careful.

The Four Cs of Engagement Rings

At the heart of every engagement ring is a beautiful diamond. Whether mined or lab-grown, all diamonds are judged by cut, color, clarity, and carat, and each one represents a way to save money on an engagement ring.

  • Cut refers to the craftsmanship of the diamond, including the way the stone sits and how it sparkles.
  • Color is a measurement of how much tint or yellowing is apparent in the diamond, whereas colorless diamonds are of a higher quality than those that are slightly tinted.
  • Clarity speaks to any blemishes that are apparent in the diamond.
  • Carat is a measurement of the weight of the diamond, with higher numbers representing larger and more expensive diamonds.

As you can see, saving money on an engagement ring can mean accepting a lower value in one of the four Cs. For example, if you go with a diamond that has an almost imperceptible level of color and maybe a blemish or two, you can get a larger, more brilliant diamond for a lower price.

However, you'll want to avoid diamonds with significantly lower cut and color grades, otherwise, you'll lose out on the brilliance of a great stone. In fact, the grades of Fair, Poor or Good might not even refract enough light to sparkle like a diamond, which can send the wrong idea to your partner.

Don't Forget to Comparison Shop

Diamonds are sold in retail stores, custom boutiques, and by various dealers and websites online. Each diamond is also unique, with its own cut, color, clarity and carat signifiers that will dictate the price and how a diamond looks when viewed in person. Some diamonds are also made in labs while others are mined, but that's why the four Cs exist so that you can compare different types of diamonds with a common reference point.

Online, pictures and the four Cs are even more important, so be sure to review all the materials at your disposal when evaluating a diamond. When in doubt, the values will tell you the true quality of a diamond, especially when the suggestive powers of an associate or flattering lighting can skew your perception.

It's also important to note that engagement ring prices refer to the bundle of both diamond and ring, so you may need to ask for a specific price breakdown if you're buying a ring and diamond together. If you're comparing a diamond to a complete ring, you could end up blowing your budget on just a stone, leaving no money for a beautiful band to hold it in place.

How to Shop for a Ring

Once you've made a budget, considered your options, and decided on what you're looking for in an affordable engagement ring, it's time to buy. But don't make the mistake of going with the first ring you see that meets your criteria. By looking at rings that are just under your ideal numbers, you could save substantially on an engagement ring.

For example, instead of a 1.5-carat diamond, try to look for a 1.45-carat diamond, which could go for as much as 15% less. The same goes for cut, color, and clarity by looking just below your desired values, you could save a lot for what might not even be a noticeable difference.

For smaller diamonds, consider a halo, which surrounds the main diamond with smaller, less expensive diamonds that can give an overall effect that exceeds a larger, solo diamond. You could also propose with a single-set diamond, only to reset it in a setting of your partner's choice after the engagement.

However, did you know that one of the best ways to save money on an engagement ring is to buy a lab-grown diamond?

Instead of supporting the inequities of the worldwide diamond trade, lab grown diamonds are virtually identical to mined diamonds, with the same optics and chemical composition. Without the right equipment, even professionals can't distinguish between lab-grown and mined diamonds, which is why our diamonds are the purest form of diamonds money can buy.

Get started now with our Ring Creator.

What Do Engagement Rings Symbolize?

It's almost a de-facto part of life. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with a girl. Boy buys girl an engagement ring. Even if we're put off by the story or we feel that our unconventional relationship bucks the trend, pretty much all of us still celebrate this ceremonial aspect of courtship with some sort of ring-giving activity or ceremony.

But did you know that, historically, engagement ring symbolism spoke more to ownership than love, and they didn't often feature diamonds until about the 1940s. In fact, some trends suggest that couples today are choosing to eschew the diamond for other types of stones such as rubies and sapphires, though many of these rings are heirlooms and artifacts in their own right.

For the rest of us, engagement ring symbolism is heavily intertwined with the brilliance and light-bending properties of diamonds, and even today it's still rare to come across a Western couple that doesn't see a diamond ring as a symbol of love and affection.

The History of Engagement Rings

While diamonds are a relatively new addition to the significance of engagement rings, engagement ring usage stretches all the way back to ancient times. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), engagement rings were worn by ancient Roman women as far back as 200 BCE to signify business contracts or to signify love and obedience. Early rings were made of flint, bone, copper, or silver, though gold quickly became the metal of choice.

In Pompeii, archaeologists have discovered evidence of betrothal rings dating to 79 BCE, with an iron ring commonly worn at home and a gold ring worn out in public. However, it wasn't until the year 850 that engagement ring symbolism really kicked off with Pope Nicholas I's declaration that a gold ring signified a man's intent to marry. The ring given by a man was supposed to represent a kind of financial sacrifice, and gold rings exploded in popularity worldwide.

The first recorded use of diamonds on an engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring featuring long and narrow diamonds in the shape of an "M."

By the 1500s, gimmel rings were all the rage, featuring two hoops that would fit together to form a ring. After the engagement, the bride and groom would wear one part of the ring, reconnecting their bands for the bride to wear at the wedding. Not to be outdone, Martin Luther married Catherine Bora with such a ring in 1525.

By 1600, silver posy rings became the hottest trend in engagement ring symbolism, with engravings of poems, ballads, and other meaningful inscriptions on the inside. Even Shakespeare would go on to frequently mention posy rings in his works, which further fueled interest in these trendy artifacts. Often, the silver posy rings would be exchanged for gold posy rings during the marriage ceremony.

By about the mid-1800s, diamond engagement rings started to make an appearance in the United States, though it would take another hundred years to become a common engagement practice. However, it was the discovery of diamonds in Cape Colony, a province in South Africa, that really kicked off the diamond rush, increasing the diamond supply worldwide and bringing diamonds to every corner of the globe.

In the 1940s, department stores started their own diamond rush with a trendy double-ring engagement practice where grooms and brides both take a diamond ring from 15% up to 85% of all ceremonies. During the decade, engagement rings would become the most popular and lucrative line of jewelry in just about all department stores.

In another landmark moment, the DeBeers mining company 1947 introduced their "A diamond is forever" tagline with various celebrities and movie stars brandishing their diamond rings both onscreen and off, increasing the popularity of diamond rings in the West.

Today, engagement ring symbolism runs deep, and you'd be hard-pressed to find any engagement or wedding that doesn't prominently feature diamond rings.

Engagement Ring Symbolism

While the engagement ring origin story has had many twists and turns throughout the years, it's undeniably intertwined with contemporary engagements, weddings, and partnership ceremonies in the U.S. and around the world. Typically, in Western cultures, an engagement ring is worn by the female in the relationship though men have worn them in the past and some still do today, especially with same-sex partnerships where both might wear an engagement ring or a diamond ring of some kind.

When it comes to engagement rings and the meaning of stones, diamonds are an overwhelming favorite, adorning the top and center focal point of the ring. That said, colored gemstone rings such as sapphires, emeralds, moissanite, aquamarine, morganite, and even lab-created colored diamonds are becoming more popular, giving an almost limitless number of options to couples that want to think outside the box.

Often worn on the left finger, an engagement ring symbolizes a link straight to the heart, which was driven by an old, Ancient Egyptian belief that said the left ring finger contained a special vein that ran directly to the heart. Ancient Romans also adopted the symbol of an engagement ring as a promise and commitment to their partner.

However, some choose to wear a ring on their right hand, though this can be more a matter of personal preference than a reluctance to follow convention. Sometimes men will opt to wear a ring on their right finger during the engagement, switching hands after the ceremony. It's all up to you, and if you decide that you'd rather wear a ring on your right or left hand, or even if you'd like to wear a ring on a different finger than your ring finger, go for it!

Lab-Grown or Mined?

For many, where a diamond comes from is yet one more piece of the diamond puzzle. With exploitive practices and extraordinary costs, mined diamonds were the only way to get a beautiful diamond for much of human history. But today, real diamonds can be made in a lab under the same kinds of pressures and forces that create "real" diamonds out in nature.

Unlike fake diamonds (i.e., Cubic Zirconia) that merely approximate the look and feel of "real" diamonds, lab grown diamonds are every bit as real as mined diamonds with all the same characteristics of cut, color, clarity, and carat except they're often 30% cheaper. That means you get the same diamond for a lot less, and there's the added benefit of avoiding the whole moral issue.

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Rings Around The Royals’ World

Every bride-to-be feels like royalty when her groom kneels on bended knee and asks for her hand in marriage. So it’s not surprising that the custom of diamond engagement rings was initiated by royals. The first documented engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria of the imperial court of Vienna to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

Mary, AKA Mary the Rich, was only 20 when she reigned over eastern France. Suitors got in line hoping to woo her.

The Archduke Maximilian of Austria, future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, sent his proposal via letter carrier accompanied by a diamond engagement ring. The ring reportedly consisted of a small number of oblong-shaped diamonds set in the shape of the letter M (for Mary) on a plain band. It did the trick and both families got what they wanted out of the union: Max’s family married into money and Mary’s family got a boost from the monarch’s militia.

Three hundred and sixty years later Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain, and Ireland and was Empress of India as well. As fifth in line to the throne, Victoria did not expect to be crowned Queen. But her father and brothers died leaving her the only heir. Because she was single, no man could propose marriage to her. Instead, Victoria had to extend the proposal to her future husband Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Prince Albert did, however, come through with a stunning engagement ring shaped like a serpent, symbolizing wisdom and commitment. The gold ring featured rubies, diamonds, and true to the custom of the time, Victoria’s birthstone, an emerald.


A progressive trendsetter, the Queen wore white for her nuptials, a precedent-setting choice while brides were expected to wear their finest gowns no matter what color. The Queen’s selection of a white satin gown, 18-foot-long train, and four-yard veil forever changed bridal tradition. Victoria was laid to rest in 1901 wearing two rings—her engagement ring from her husband Prince Albert and yet another ring given to her by John Brown, her Scottish manservant-turned-intimate late in life after Prince Albert’s death. Closely guarded court records reveal that the second band was the wedding ring once worn by Brown’s mother.

Queen Elizabeth, the paternal great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, also did not plan on a career as a monarch. Her father, George VI was thrust upon the throne when his brother abdicated for love. When Elizabeth announced to her parents that she would marry Prince Philip of Greece they were not pleased with her choice but they allowed her to go through with the marriage. Philip had few financial resources to bring to the table after WWII. His mother Princess Alice of Battenburg gave her only son the diamond and aquamarine encrusted tiara that Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia (the last rulers in the Romanov line) had gifted her as a wedding present. Philip enlisted Philip Antrobus Ltd. to repurpose the tiara into an engagement ring worthy of his future queen. Modest by today’s standards, the three-carat round-cut diamond center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds set in platinum was suited to the post-war conditions of the time. Elizabeth had to pay for her wedding gown using ration coupons like all other English citizens albeit the government gifted her 200 bonus coupons to cover the cost of the 13-foot train of her gown.


Lady Diana Spencer became engaged to Charles, Prince of Wales, on February 1981. Her engagement ring was created by then-crown jeweler Garrard. The ring consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold. Surprisingly the ring wasn’t a custom design and anyone with $60,000 could own their own. Diana wore the ring even after her divorce.


When her eldest son William became engaged to Kate Middleton, he proposed with his mother’s ring thanks to his brother Harry. reports that the brothers were allowed to select a keepsake from their mother’s possessions after her tragic death by paparazzi. William had chosen his mother’s watch and Harry his mother’s engagement ring. But Harry gave up the ring to his older brother at the time of his engagement. Diana’s former butler spilled the secret that Harry thought it fitting that his mother’s ring would sit on the throne of England someday when William and Kate are crowned.

Both William’s mother and his wife were commoners who married into the royal family proving fairy tales do come true.

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The 7-second Field Guide To Diamond Shapes

BUSINESS INSIDER maintains that a person gets only 7 seconds to make a first impression.

The wheels you drive, the gleam of your teeth, the way you hold doors open for women you don’t know, get noticed in that first seven seconds. They either respond positively or get judgy.

The same goes for the diamond you select. Whether you surprise her with an engagement ring or the two of you decide on the shape together, the cut of your diamond reveals your personality.


Ideal to use in a solitaire setting, the round diamond is cut with 57 facets to achieve maximum shine. In fact, 75% of all diamonds sold are round. You are a traditionalist.


Called the Princess cut, this square diamond is a new spin on the traditional round.  It has 59 facets and a side view appears as an upside-down pyramid. You see the world from all angles.


The Emerald cut diamond has a unique cut from other diamonds. Originally developed specifically for emeralds, the cut creates flashes of light called the “hall of mirrors” effect. You do things in a big way.


The cushion cut is square with soft corners, resembling a pillow. Used for the last 200 years, it was the most popular diamond shape for the first 100 of its existence. You appreciate all things vintage.


A radiant cut is a hybrid of a princess cut diamond and a cushion cut diamond. With 53 to 70 facets, the radiant cut features slightly cropped corners that sparkle generously. You are anything but subdued.


Cut the same as a round brilliant diamond with 57 facets, the oval diamond gleams, and its unique elongated shape makes the fingers look longer. You like to be different.


Also known as tear-shaped, this rare cut is a combination of round and marquise and can show more color at the point of the stone. Only about 4% of GIA-certified diamonds are pear cuts. You are an individualist.

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Proposal 101: The Definitive Guide To How To

Got a girl? Got a plan? For together forever? Then it’s time to get a plan.

Some men are romantics at their core. They send flowers to mom on Mother’s Day because they know mom treasures little acts of kindness. The same men plan a romantic picnic in the park complete with a wicker basket, wine, bread and thine with a sweetheart because they listened to her when she said she cherishes time together on any given Sunday.

So when it comes to the point this man knows the woman on his arm is the one he wants to spend the rest of his lifetime with, it’s time to make a proposal plan. While a guy doesn’t have to go All Kanye, he still wants to create a moment his true love will remember.

And one things’ for sure, fellows, your fiancée’s family will ask her HOW your proposed. And they will form their own opinion of YOU upon hearing the story.

Better you make a plan. It’s not okay to roll over in bed after sex saying, “Hey, what about we get married?” No dad appreciates that version of his daughter’s engagement story, for sure.

The big gesture should be about what SHE likes. You’ve witnessed the jumbo Tron at an ice hockey game where he proposes and she accepts. Does she like hockey or other sports for that matter?

Plan your proposal to be an experience only the two of you attend OR go all in with her family cheering in the background. Again it’s about what she appreciates.

Propose to her on an airplane flight…but let the flight attendants in on the plan so that they let you remove your seatbelt after take-off.

Propose on a scenic overlook…but vet the hiking trail beforehand. No one wants to limp back to the car.

Plan your proposal. Pick a location. Then pick a message.

A woman wants to hear WHY it is you want to marry her.

Real life is nothing like The Bachelor franchise. No one gets a do-over and re-shoot. Remember:

  • Keep your message simple
  • Look into her eyes.

And deliver a diamond engagement ring that wows her. Guaranteed it will be one of the most memorable moments you share. Make it worthwhile with a diamond engagement ring from LovBe.