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Why We're The Right Choice

We put you first, always. We know how important it is for you to get the perfect, timeless ring you'll love forever because when it comes to perfection, we know there is no compromise!

How It Works


We use only the most exceptional lab grown diamonds and meticulously crafted styles.
Unmatched Service

Unmatched Service

We understand the importance of your journey, that's why we put you first always.


We pride ourselves on the level of expertise and experience we provide to our customers.
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Talk To Us

Start by filling out a short form outlining your requirements. We will be in touch to schedule a call where you will talk with your LovBe Diamond Specialist who will provide support, expert advice and guidance throughout the process.

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Custom ring design experience

Design Your Way

Once we have talked over your project, we will be able to present you with an estimate. Upon your agreement, we will email the custom design to you (about 3-4 working days), so you can revise and provide feedback. Once approved, we will send you the full quote for the custom piece.

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Love It Forever

At this point, we will provide you with a digital rendering. Once approved, we will get to work on your unique, timeless treasure, made to be loved forever.

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FAQs About The Process

At LovBe, we understand that designing a unique piece of jewelry is deeply meaningful. We are here to make this journey stress-free. Whether you choose to do something completely imaginative or choose to put together classic design elements in your own way, we will strive to build you the dream ring.

  • Customer begins by submitting an overview of the custom design they are looking for. LovBe Diamond Specialist will arrange a telephone appointment with the customer to discuss the details.
  • Our Diamond Specialist will present a custom design cost estimate based on the discussion with customer. Upon agreement and payment of the $150 design fee, LovBe will proceed to draft and subsequently present the design to customer. Drafting a custom design, depending on details & complexity, can take up to 3-4 working days. A single revision will be offered complimentary to customer at this stage. Delays in design approval can affect the delivery timeline.
  • If customer is satisfied with the design concept presented, they will be sent a payment link for the full amount of the custom design jewelry. A payment is needed to proceed further.
  • Upon payment, LovBe will fashion renderings of the approved design and share with the customer. It takes up to 3 working days or more, depending on details & complexity. Delays in approval can affect the delivery timeline.
  • Once confirmed, LovBe will begin the production of the final jewelry.
  • It takes up to 25 business days or more, depending on complexity of the design, to ship the completed jewelry.

LovBe will charge a flat non-refundable design fee of $150. Upon payment of this fee, customer will be presented with a design concept, as discussed with our LovBe Diamond Specialist.

The custom design jewelry is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and cannot be cancelled. Shipping polices applicable as stated here.

Custom Design

A piece of jewelry that is custom-designed just for you spells exclusivity like no other. Especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring, it has to be exclusive, right? That’s what our  team at LovBe believes.

Your loved one deserves not only the best but something more … something that represents the love, unique bond, and personal connection you’ll share. It means a lot to receive a ring that is custom created – a unique piece that cements the ever-lasting bond between you two. 

That’s precisely why we offer our customers the option to custom design their jewelry, as per their specific requirements and specifications. Whether you would like to feature an emblem that is specific to you and your loved one or your unique relationship, you have a custom ring design that is of great sentimental value to you or a beautiful design you have in mind, we can do it all! 

Why Custom-Build with LovBe?

Jewelry, in particular custom engagement rings or wedding bands are forever and as such, they have to be made right the first time. There should be no compromise, which is why the word “compromise” is not a part of our lingo here, at LovBe. We ensure our customers get exactly what they need. 

Once we have an overview of the custom ring design you’re looking for, our LovBe Diamond Specialist will then present you with the design concept, which you can approve if it meets your needs or request changes. Only after your final approval of the custom engagement ring design will we start building your dream ring. 

Most of our customers are awe-struck when they see their custom ring – it’s what keeps us inspired. Go ahead and get started by building the ring … and life of your dreams, with your loved one!

Terms & Conditions

Custom design jewelry may take up to 25 business days or more, once the renderings are approved. In the event of any delays or any unforeseen conditions, our Diamond Specialist will inform the customer. LovBe retains the full unrestricted rights to all jewelry designs, whether custom or standard, and may choose to market or sell jewelry based on such designs. Due to fluctuating market prices, payment quotes shared with customer will be valid for up to 2 days only. For all custom designs, the center stone will have to be bought from