Are Lab Grown Diamonds Really Diamonds?

In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised its definition of a diamond in its Jewelry Guides. The guide previously defined diamonds as “a natural/mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystalized in the isometric system.” But the word “natural” was omitted in the latest revision. The FTC’s Jewelry Guides are designed to avoid consumer deception. Lab grown diamonds are not to be referred to as real, genuine, natural or synthetic to imply that a lab grown diamond is not, in fact, an actual diamond. This acknowledgment of FTC about diamonds – both from mines and labs – empowers you to now choose your diamond based on your priorities.

They are both diamonds, simply with different origins!

Can You Tell Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds Apart?

Lab grown diamonds can only be distinguished from mined diamonds using specialized technical equipment. Both are made of 100% carbon and are indistinguishable because both ARE diamonds, but with different origins. Think of it as getting flowers from a greenhouse vs. from the woods – both are flowers, regardless of origin.

Why Should You Choose a LovBe Lab Grown Diamond?

In one word: Value.

When selecting a LovBe diamond, you can be assured that you will be buying the largest, highest clarity, most brilliant lab grown diamond available for your budget. It’s that simple. With LovBe you maximize your money without any compromise on quality! 

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