Our LovBe Eternal Collection is a capsule collection of nine engagement ring designs featuring fancy-shaped sidestones embracing the LovBe lab grown diamond of your dreams. Choose from sleek, tapered baguettes, sophisticated pears, or distinctive marquise sidestones. Each LovBe Eternal style allows you to create the perfect engagement ring and will be an everlasting symbol of your past, present, and future.


Every aspect of the LovBe Eternal Collection is meticulously thought out by our design team.

From the initial sketches to the hallmark certifying authenticity, no detail is left untouched.

We believe your rings are the physical embodiment of your love and commitment.

LovBe Hallmark


The LovBe Eternal Hallmark is a single, round brilliant cut lab grown diamond lovingly placed on the inside of the band, where only the wearer will know of its presence. The diamond sits close to the vena amoris, romantically known as the vein of love. According to a centuries-old Roman belief, the vena amoris is the loving connection of the hand to the heart.