Margit Reinson

Founder LovBe Inc.

The driving force behind LovBe is Margit Reinson, a European-based entrepreneur who spent her career working within the world of EU-regulated investment firms.

Her passion for lab grown diamonds is based on a long-established fascination with the magic of carbon, and the juxtaposition that it is the building block for the hardest materials known, while also responsible for creating some of the softest.

Margit aspires to provide consumers a modern shopping experience for their treasured life moments – engagement, wedding, childbirth, anniversary, graduation, reunion – by offering LovBe clients the most gorgeous lab grown diamonds in beautiful jewelry with a personal touch.

She believes that every LovBe piece will encapsulate the very essence and feelings of a life moment, a day, an event surrounded by loved ones and it will become a secret source of radiating happiness to support you through rainy days while further brightening the already happy days.

Melanie Tull

Head of Merchandising & Product Development

Melanie brings over 15 years of experience in the US luxury goods and wholesale space. She brings a 360-degree consumer perspective to the LovBe team and has developed a real instinct for consumer trends. Having followed the market's highs and lows over the years, she has the knowledge of how to best fulfill their needs.

While always striving to create superior products to surpass the customer’s expectations, her focus is always placed on creating the most authentic customer experience. Providing quality products that will be worn by real people, living real everyday lives and their most precious life moments is always at the core of her work.

She is inspired most by the time she spent shopping in jewelry stores with her father, for her mother. Being encouraged to carefully select the perfect pieces to celebrate every birthday, anniversary, and special day in between created a true love of jewelry and the story of our lives diamond jewelry represents.

LovBe New York Team

Meet our talented LovBe New York Team! Together they create diamond jewelry magic. Ensuring that each item we deliver to you is thoughtfully designed with all the care and love our clients deserve. 

With decades of combined experience, they truly are your Diamond Concierge and are available to assist you in your diamond jewelry buying experience. You can reach them at, or by calling 1 855 636 8019.

From left to right (Alyce, Margit, Sharin, Naw, Bharat)