Lab grown diamonds can be grown using High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or by Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD) method. In both the processes, rough diamond is grown in laboratories by recreating specific temperature and pressure conditions that allow carbon to crystallize and form diamonds. In 4-6 weeks, rough diamonds created from either technologies are ready to be cut & polished using the exact same methods as rough diamonds extracted from earth.

Purest & Rarest

  • Our colorless diamonds are Type IIA (pronounced 2a) the purest and rarest diamond type.
  • Type IIa diamonds contain the least amount of impurities that make LovBe lab grown diamonds intrinsically purer than 98% of all mined diamonds.
  • In simple words, Type IIa diamonds are the purest diamonds you can buy.
  • Historically, several Type IIa quality diamonds were only accessible to royalties or celebrities. Think the Koh-i-Noor(part of the British Crown Jewels) or the Krupp diamond (owned by Elizabeth Taylor).
  • By choosing a Type IIa quality, colorless LovBe lab grown diamond, you can now own a diamond that has maximum brilliance and luster.

Real-Time Diamond View

  • LovBe is committed to making your diamond shopping for those extraordinary moments as beautiful as our diamonds themselves.
  • Customers can view and compare every single LovBe lab grown diamond in detailed HD. Evaluate each lab grown diamond’s shine and beauty.
  • Diamond buying is stress-free with our wide selection of diamonds across a range of quality and budgets.

The LovBe Edge

Detailed real-time views of every diamond, a wide selection of diamonds and the promise to make shopping for diamonds uncomplicated forever.

Experience Beauty

Choose the perfect diamond! Every single LovBe lab grown diamond is presented in magnified 360° view so you can really see your diamond’s beauty, cut, color, clarity, and sparkle like never before!

Exceptional Value

A wide selection of the most beautiful diamonds. You have the choice of significant savings with the flexibility to pick a larger diamond without any compromises on quality.

Certified Assurance

We certify our diamonds from reputed grading laboratories. Customers can be sure of  LovBe’s lab grown diamonds and quality. Shop stress-free with our 60-day return policy.