Lab Grown Diamond Pendants

Ready to wear a drop of sparkle around your neck? Or perhaps gift it to someone special? Our lab grown diamond pendants catch instant attention … and add a splash of glimmer and elegance to your look. They also make for one of the most popular gifting items. And why wouldn’t they?

Pendants are less expensive than other forms of jewelry and are extremely versatile too, especially our lab created diamond pendants. Easy to accessorize with, they can be paired with any necklace or match a chosen pair of earrings … and can even be picked to complement your ensemble. 

Wearing a low neck blouse or off-shoulder dress? A necklace with a diamond pendant will do the trick! Even on those days when you want to rock a minimalistic look, our pendants can come to the rescue with light but equally stylish diamond pendant necklace designs. 

The best part is that you don’t need an occasion to wear a diamond pendant. It can be worn year-round. LovBe offers exceptional value diamonds so you can frequently change your pendants according to the desired style or outfit for the day!

Made from pure and rare lab grown diamonds, our pendants are of a high quality and value. LovBe leverages cutting-edge technology to recreate the temperature and pressure conditions which are responsible for the formation of diamonds that are extracted from earth. As such, our lab grown diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds in terms of both their physical and chemical properties.

Browse our collection of lab grown diamond pendants for sale - place an order today and get ready to sport your dazzling pendant in style!